The Espresso Machine is Here!

We love our coffee. We’ve had our own espresso machine and grinder at home for years, and always search out for good coffee bars when we are travelling. That isn’t always an easy job. That meant that we knew that Saddle Mountain Hostel needed its own little espresso bar for our guests.

We like our coffee Italian style, and the more Southern Italian the better. In our view you can’t beat the type of coffee they serve in Naples or in Sicily. There will be no “Third Wave” coffee in our grandly named Espresso Hub. The beans we use come from Caffe Kimbo in Naples. It’s the same brand we’ve been using at home for 20 years. What we can guarantee is that as well as using quality beans the coffee will be made with love. We care about what we serve.

All of this needs equipment, of course. The machine we have chosen is the Cellini Evoluzione from Rocket Espresso Milano. They are an Italian/Kiwi joint venture (!) and make gorgeous looking machines. There’s lots of lovely chrome, although that means it will need regular polishing.

The new machine has just arrived, along with its grinder and other bits and pieces. It comes in a very sturdy box (see photo). We can’t wait to break it out and start playing with it. It will need a bit of fine tuning yet, though, before it and the grinder are ready to unleash on our guests. We hope you like it.

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