About us

Saddle Mountain Hostel, created in 2015, is owned and run by Gregor (Greg) Barclay and Helen Cunningham.

Our hostel is a member of Scottish Hostels, Independent Hostels UK and an affiliate member of Hostelling Scotland.

Greg comes from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland. He has lived and worked in Scotland all his life, but has always preferred holidays to the work part. Greg used to be a solicitor. But now he is a part-time barista.

Helen was born in London to Irish parents. Her love of the outdoors was triggered by a placemat of Glencoe (ask her and she will tell you the story). She began her journey north in the 1980s, studying map-making in Newcastle, and finally reached Scotland in 1993.

When we met we found we shared a love of travelling. Our wanderlust has taken us all over the world to some amazing places and given us some unforgettable memories.

We are passionate about the outdoors and both enjoy going up hills on foot and on two wheels. We have been exploring the Highlands for many years.

We’ve also travelled extensively in Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, walking many of the GR long distance trekking routes in Europe. We still indulge our love of backpacking and adventure when the hostel is closed.

On our travels we’ve stayed in a lot of hostels and mountain refuges. Our aim is to make Saddle Mountain Hostel the sort of place we would want to stay in ourselves.

The Saddle Mountain Hostel story

Our name “Saddle Mountain” combines our love of walking and cycling up mountains. The “Saddle” refers to either a bike saddle or the geographical feature marking the lowest point between mountains.

We’ve taken the inspiration for our colour scheme from the red and white signs marking trekking routes across Europe.

Our main logo is a “mountain”. The red band at the bottom represents the lower slopes of the mountain and the white its snow-capped peaks. Our “saddle” is between the two peaks.

You’ll find our red and white theme throughout the hostel and garden.

You may also notice our “Whompass”, a combined bike wheel and compass, on the outside of the hostel and inside too. Our central location in the Great Glen means you can head in any direction from the hostel for a great day out.

Special thanks to David Cunningham for our logo design and branding and Croft Industries for our website.