Saddle Mountain Hostel Great Glen

And We’re In

We’re super excited. We paid over our money and got the keys today. There’s no turning back now. We’re closed to guests for the next three days to allow us to get set up. You wouldn’t believe how much there is to do. Of course, we have also moved house, so we have to unpack all our personal stuff and introduce ourselves to the resident hostel cats Penne and Righi (they are apparently Italian cats).

In the hostel proper we are having the residents’ lounge and the dining room re-floored. We are also removing most of the old sofas and armchairs and getting new ones delivered. Lots of other new furniture has to be constructed and put in place, and we are replacing the glassware and other odds and ends in the kitchen. The Espresso Hub also has to be constructed and the equipment put in place. We have a host of pictures to put up on the walls as well. We’ve worked through our photo library from years of walking in Scotland and further afield and had the best ones framed.

On top of all that, lots of new signage is being installed internally and externally, and we have to give the whole place a big clean. Thankfully we are getting some help from family, but there is an awful lot to be done. We just have to hope that we have enough time to get everything finished before our first guests arrive on 21st May.

It will all be worth it, of course. It’s the start of a big new adventure for us.


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