Winter is coming

After a very busy summer season and a brisk late summer/early autumn, thanks to a lovely sunny spell, we’ve been taking a well-earned rest here at Saddle Mountain Hostel and some holidays of our own.

So, apologies for the break in the flow of blogs, we’re back now.  Just in time too! We have had a change of weather recently as some storms have blown in and there’s a chill in the air.  This week there was snow on the summit of Ben Tee, our local mountain, for the first time in months. And the first snow of the season in Invergarry itself is forecast for this weekend. That can mean only one thing – winter is on its way.

Last year it was a very wet one. This year the prediction is that, because of El Niño, we will have a cold, snowy one. It’s what we and, we hope, our prospective guests are looking forward to. It means a chance to get out the crampons, ice axes and skis. Because we are based in middle of the Highlands, we have invested in snowshoes so that we can play in the expected winter wonderland. We can’t wait to try them out.

We are open all year round but as it’s a quieter time, we will be working on hostel maintenance over the next few months, carrying out repairs, replacing things and doing some repainting. We are already working on plans for next winter. We have now officially instructed architects to draw up plans for an extension to the building. It will house our new purpose built drying room. The plan is to build it next autumn, and at the same time we will put up an outdoor sauna for our guests. That means that next year Saddle Mountain Hostel will be even better placed to look after winter walkers and climbing clubs.

Finally, remember that if winter is coming then spring can’t be far behind. We hope to see you soon.

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