The vernal equinox is next week and the clocks go forward next weekend. It’s safe to say Spring is definitely on its way!

The winter season is coming to an end but it hasn’t been a particularly harsh one and we’ve not seen the best conditions for winter mountaineering and skiing. Whilst there may have been snow fall higher up it’s been an infrequent visitor to the village of Invergarry.

There were a few days back in January when we experienced a winter wonderland and enjoyed walking in the snow right from our front door. Being the first person to make footprints in the snow gives a real wilderness feel even if you’re not far from civilisation. The sound of the snow crunching under your feet is magical.  And it’s so much easier to spot wildlife tracks criss-crossing the trails as you walk along. 

Looking back on our photos from that time the thing that stands out the most is the lack of colour. They look like someone switched the colour off or we’ve been transported back to a world when black and white TV was the only choice! Quite the contrast to most days when the vibrant green of the trees, mosses, ferns and grasses is our usual colour scheme.

It’s been a busy off-season for us decorating the hostel and working on our new drying room. We hope to get out in the snow more next winter and try out those snowshoes that are gathering dust in a cupboard.  But for now we’re looking forward to spring and nature waking up again.  The days are getting longer. The daffodils are out.  The birds are singing. There are buds on the trees. And the colour has come back!


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