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Where are you all coming from?

We have now been open for business for almost three months. They have been incredibly busy months since we began at the start of the summer tourist season. It has now hit its peak, and as the number of guests slowly subsides (at least on weeknights) we are taking stock of our experiences so far.

One of the questions we asked ourselves when we opened was where we thought our guests would come from. How many nationalities would visit us during the year? Now we have an answer as at the three month point.

That answer is 43 and here is where they have come from:

Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany (the clear winner in numbers after the UK), Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and, finally, South Africa.

Given that there are 196 countries in the world at the moment (depending on your politics in some cases) we still have some way to go to complete our collection. If we can’t get a clean sweep of Europe before the end of 2015 we will be disappointed. Perhaps if we write nicely to Pope Francis then we can get a visitor from the Vatican.

And one country we’re particularly keen to to add to our collection is Argentina. So, calling all Argentinians, we’d love for someone from your wonderful country to stay with us. The only visitors we’ve had from South America to date have been Brazilians!

Meanwhile, we’ll keep counting if you keep coming.

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