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Our favourite places – part 1

We have chosen to live in the heart of Scotland’s Great Glen. It’s one of the world’s most scenic spots, but where do we like to visit when we’re not at home? This is part 1 of a short series. Today, continental Europe. These are some of the places we’ve gone back to again and again.

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  • Sicily – It’s what brought us together, and where we went on honeymoon. There’s history everywhere and we think the food is the best in the world, even by Italian standards. It’s the home of cannoli, arancini (see our blog photo), gelato and more.
  • Rome – It’s our favourite city, three visits together so far (plus others separately) and we haven’t even seen half the sights yet.
  • Corsica – Great scenery and food, high mountains, pine forests and clear river pools. We’ve both trekked (on the GR20) and cycled there. Still lots more to do.
  • Maritime Alps – They can be approached from France (Nice) or Italy (Turin). Splendid trekking territory, plenty of mountain refuges and with the added bonus that you can easily flit between borders across the mountain passes.
  • Aragonese Pyrenees – The highest part of the range on the Spanish side. Stunning scenery (including the magnificent Ordesa Canyon and the biggest peaks on either side of the border) but without the crowds of non-Spaniards. You can walk all the way through on the GR11 trail.
  • The Dolomites – We have had our share of illness and injury every time we have visited, but they can’t be missed out. They must be the most dramatic mountain range in Europe with their huge rock towers, and they’re in Italy , which means great food.


We know there are many more great places to visit in Europe and our guests are giving us lots of tips for future trips! But we hope this may give you some ideas and, if you stay with us, that the photos we have on the walls of the hostel will inspire you to travel too.

Still to come, Scotland and the rest of the World.


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