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Is that Benedict Cumberbatch?

This time a year ago we were headed to the Toronto International Film Festival to watch 10 films in 5 days. And to spot a film star or two. Actually, it’s hard not to spot one in a city which has given itself over entirely to cinema for 10 days.

It might not seem the obvious choice for two people who are usually found holidaying in the mountains, but we have always loved going to the cinema. There’s something magical about watching films on the big screen and being transported away into other worlds. And we’ve seen more than our fair share in our time! We’d like to say thanks to Eden Court in Inverness where we have whiled away many happy hours in the dark.

Most of our friends have never heard of half the films we go to see, but that’s OK. We like to mix it up; it would be hard to tie us to one genre – independent, foreign, big budget blockbusters, documentaries, real life, fantasy, sci-fi, horror -all feature. Cinema has taught us most of what we know about life: endings are usually happy – the good guys normally win – love conquers all – don’t mess with “The Stath” – bad guys speak with an English accent – humans good, zombies bad.

Anyway, back to Toronto. We didn’t have time to camp outside the movie venues waiting to catch a glimpse of our favourite Hollywood actors, like so many fans. We were in our own queues to get into each film we were lucky enough to have tickets for.

However, we did get this shot of Benedict Cumberbatch (see blog photo) through the assembled throng, his identity confirmed thanks to other people’s phones! And for us the best spot has to be Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, Rio, Muppets Most Wanted, What We Do in the Shadows), who was walking down the street completely unrecognised by everyone except us. We felt a little bit starstruck and mostly hoped not to be spotted celebrity stalking him from the other side of the street while trying to get a photo!

Since taking over the hostel, we have spent less time at the cinema than in the past but, rest assured Eden Court, we’ll be at the Inverness Film Festival again this year! If you are visiting Saddle Mountain Hostel in November and have some spare time then it’s well worth a visit. It runs from 4th – 8th November this year.

And what have the movies taught us about hostels? Well, the only hostel based film we know of is the aptly named horror flick “Hostel” from 2005 (plus all the inevitable sequels). Have we based Saddle Mountain on that? You’ll have to stay to find out.

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