New website launch

We’re launching our new website today. Our old website was beginning to show its age so, after four and a half years, we decided it was time for a change.

We have a new website address ( and email ( We believe they reflect who we are. As the owners of Saddle Mountain Hostel, we’re proud to be an independent business in Scotland. We live and work in one of the most spectacular areas in Scotland. We get to share our passion for the Scottish Highlands every day with our guests. You won’t find us anywhere else other than here, in Invergarry, in the Great Glen.

A huge thank you to Neil Huggan at New Makar for creating for us. Our new website has a new look with a stunning photo at the top of each page showcasing our area. It’s easy to find out about staying with us, discover the great things there are to do and, of course, to make a booking!

We love our new website and we hope you do too. If you’re one of our regular guests why not have a look, even if you aren’t booking a stay with us right now! Don’t worry if you’re still using our old details; you’ll be redirected to us at our new website and email addresses.

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