Merry Christmas!

Where have we been for the last few weeks? It has been a while since our last blog. It’s not that we’ve run out of things to say – we’ve just been too busy! As anyone who reads our blogs or follows us on Facebook knows, we’ve had the builders in since the last week of September. They’ve been constructing our new drying room extension. They have been working very hard, and are even at work today as this blog is being written. They are currently fitting the under floor heating mat and laying the concrete screed on top of it. Though there will still be a lot of post Christmas finishing works to do internally, we are hopeful that it will be finished and in action by the end of January next year.

That’s all very well, you may say, but you aren’t doing the work so how does that make you too busy? The answer is that because we have had to be on site we have taken the opportunity to work through a programme of redecorating the whole hostel internally. That means a lot of painting. We had already dealt with the kitchen and dining room earlier this year. In this batch we have so far completed the lounge, three bedrooms out of five, and all the communal toilets and showers. The last two bedrooms and the hallway are pencilled in for January.

All being well, that means that the hostel will be transformed by the time the season proper begins next year. It should also mean a slightly quieter “off” season for us next year.

After today, we will be downing our paintbrushes for a few days to prepare for Christmas. We have family visiting (if Storm Barbara lets them) and have lots of cleaning, cooking and baking to do to prepare for their arrival. When they arrive we will have a few days to enjoy some well earned R&R before the first of our New Year guests arrive on 29th December. As soon as they leave on 2nd January it will be up with the paintbrushes again!

Meantime, a very merry Christmas to you all from Saddle Mountain Hostel.

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