A year in pictures

On 1st January 2017 I embarked on a year long New Year’s resolution. The first part of my resolution was to spend some time outdoors being active every day.  The second part was to create a photomontage for the year by taking a picture of something I found interesting each day when I was doing the outdoors active thing.

When I wrote about my New Year’s resolution “project” in February last year I’d completed 50 days. Well, 2017 has been and gone and I’m pleased to say that I stuck with it all year and there are 365 photos on Instagram to show for it!

With the exception of a few cycles, I spent most of my time outdoors on foot. I’ve been out in all weathers. I’ve been for short walks and long walks, local walks and faraway walks, rural walks and city walks. Sometimes I’ve walked on my own, sometimes with others. All the while searching for my photo of the day.

The changing seasons have kept things interesting for my mind and for my photos, particularly as I walked some of our local routes many times. I’ve found that I pay more attention to little things now. I’ve enjoyed taking photos of nature close up and there have been some quirky things that have caught my attention too.  And not forgetting the amazing landscapes I’ve often found myself in. If you want to see what caught my eye check out our Instagram feed.

All in all it’s been a great experience. I’d like to say a big thank you to Greg not only for keeping me company on many occasions but for giving me the time I needed to get out when we were busy at the hostel.

Now it’s 2018, I’m still trying to get out whenever possible and my camera is always ready for the next great shot! Keep following us on Instagram to see the latest pictures.


  • Ian Campbell says:

    Fantastic photos of 2017. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to get away from my desk job.

    • Helen and Greg says:

      Thanks Ian. I’m glad you like the photos. Hope you manage to get out and about, even if you still have to go back to the desk! Helen

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