The lure of the Heilan’ coo

Everybody loves a Highland cow (Heilan’ coo). There’s something irresistible about these brown, furry animals. And they’re very photogenic too. There’s one on the front cover of the Rough Guide to the Scottish Highlands & Islands, they can be found on many a postcard alongside those showing our beautiful scenery and castles, they have calendars dedicated to them, they have their own hashtag and you can even buy a soft toy version. It would be hard to call who would win in the popularity stakes between the Highland cow and that other Highland icon, the Loch Ness monster. Although you’re more likely to spot a Heilan’ coo than Nessie!

If we didn’t know before we moved here how much of a tourist honeypot they are, we certainly do now!  And what’s better than one Heilan’ coo?  A whole herd of them.  And even cuter when there are calves too.

Lucky us then to have a field between us and the A82 full to bursting with Heilan’ coo mothers and babies. Without even knowing it, they cause quite a distraction with tourists stopping on the main road to take photos.  And, when the cows are nearer to our side of the fence we get people driving up to the front of the hostel to get the best view. It could be a nice earner if we were to charge for access. We don’t though!!

We don’t know how much longer they will be in the field. Last year we only saw them for a few weeks after moving in but this year we’re making the most of it, watching the calves start to grow. So, if you want to see them you’d better hurry up and get here!

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