The day the music died

This is a very sad day for us at Saddle Mountain Hostel. We went to sleep last night in one country only to wake up today in what seems to be a different one – and not one that we like. The UK (but not Scotland) has voted to leave the European Union.

Some people say that you shouldn’t mix business and politics, but today it is hard for us to separate the personal from the political. We have always been travellers. We have visited all over the rest of Europe and the wider world. In our opinion that has made us see how similar we all are rather than concentrate on our differences. We have always been internationalist in outlook, valuing co-operation and compromise, which is how things get done in the real world. We believe in the values of the European Enlightenment. We believe in human rights. Sadly, it seems that we are in a minority in the UK.

We want all of our European friends and cousins know that here we still hold these values dear. In what appear to be turbulent times ahead you will still be as welcome as ever to visit and stay with us. We hope that in the months and years to come you will still choose to visit the Scottish Highlands. Whatever the result of yesterday’s referendum, all of us are and will remain Europeans.

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