Postcard from Sicily

This time last year we’d left our jobs and were about to embark on our new venture. But there was just enough time to squeeze in a mini holiday! It was, without question, what we needed after working at our day jobs and setting up the business in our spare time and we knew that, entering the world of tourism, it would be a while until our next break.

This year we decided to do the same – take some time out before things start to get busy! We headed to Sicily which, as you may remember from our blog at the end of August, is one of our favourite places.

Since we took over the hostel our main focus has been on the business so finding the time to get to the top of hills in Scotland has not been easy. Of course we’ve made the most of our local area on foot and bike but nothing beats the feeling of getting to the highest point.

This trip to Sicily was all about walking. There was plenty of history and food too, but getting up high was the main thing and we were not disappointed! The west of Sicily has some great hiking and we spent time in the Zingaro and Monte Cofano Nature Reserves and on Marettimo, one of the Egadi Islands. None of the peaks we climbed was higher than Scotland but that didn’t matter. Being so close to the coast we were rewarded with stunning views of sweeping bays, secluded coves, the bluest seas and islands. Visiting at this time of the year also meant that there was a dazzling display of flowers and plants. Particular highlights were the smell of the rosemary that carpeted Marettimo, the butterflies and dwarf palms climbing Monte Cofano and the riot of colourful flowers in the Zingaro.

Back home, we feel recharged and ready for the summer season at Saddle Mountain Hostel. And the memory of the warm Mediterranean sunshine will keep us going through this cold patch of frosty mornings and snow falling on the hills!

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