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Our favourite places – part 2

Where do we like to go when we stray outside the UK or continental Europe? Part 2 of our short series ventures further afield. We won’t pretend that we have seen the entire world; there is a lot still to explore. We have never been drawn to the tropics. Instead, it is mountains (preferably with some volcanoes thrown in) and temperate rainforests which do it for us. It’s probably a good job we live in Invergarry, although we’ve yet to discover the volcano!

Here are our picks for the rest of the world.

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  • Patagonia – It’s a huge area, spread between Argentina and Chile. Both have their own attractions. There are mountains and glaciers on both sides, with rainforest and coastline in Chile and desert and great food and drink in Argentina. Just be prepared for a lot of wind.
  • New Zealand – More of the same. A long coastline, big mountains, forests, great walking and trekking opportunities, fantastic wine, and all in a relatively small area. You can fit in a lot even with only a few weeks.
  • Tasmania – The smallest state in Australia, it’s only the size of Ireland but it has all the right things for us. Great walking (with hills a lot like Northwest Scotland), forests, beautiful coastline and beaches, crazy wildlife and great food and drink. It really feels like the end of the earth when you stand on its west coast and watch the waves roll in off the Southern Ocean.
  • Pacific Northwest USA and Canada – This covers Oregon all the way up to Vancouver Island. There’s a huge coastline again, with big forests and all kinds of wildlife. Who wouldn’t want to see sea otters and grizzly bears in the wild? Our favourite part of this area is the Cascade Mountains of Oregon (see our blog photo). They are a chain of volcanoes, with all the landscapes and hot springs which go with that. Added to that, Portland is the coolest city we have ever visited. As they say, “Keep Portland Weird”.


Next stop, Scotland.

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