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National Bike Week 13th-21st June 2015

Two wheels good, four wheels bad.  Not exactly – without cars we would have virtually no guests, but at Saddle Mountain Hostel we are firm believers in the benefits of the bike for both the body and the soul.

When you travel under your own steam you see, hear and feel things which you can’t from inside a metal box.  Nothing beats the feel of the air rushing past you on a thrilling descent or the burning in your legs and lungs as you crest the summit of a testing climb.  You know that it is all the product of your own efforts.

Added to the fun are the proven health benefits and the fact that a journey by bike rather than by car reduces pollution too.

In the Highlands we are spoiled for choice for places to cycle both on and off road (Explore on two wheels).  The only thing we are not blessed with is flat terrain.  It’s usually either up or down round here.  Now that summer has finally arrived in Invergarry we have already been out and about ourselves.  As you can see, we have stunning scenery to cycle through.

At the hostel we are well equipped with secure bike storage, tools and cleaning equipment.  So, what better place to come to and enjoy 2015’s National Bike Week (strangely it’s 9 days long) which starts on 13th June.  We’d love to have you join us.  Arrive by bike during this time and we’ll make you a free coffee.

Or come in July and you can catch up with the Tour De France at the end of a day’s riding on the big screen TV in the lounge.  We’ll be watching too.  For us it has to be Vincenzo Nibali – he’s Sicilian and it’s our favourite part of Italy.

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