Check-in, check-out, clean, repeat

We certainly know it’s summer again. Not because the sun is shining brightly, we are in Scotland after all! But because we are in our peak season routine; check-in, check-out, clean, repeat. There’s a bit of time to eat and sleep but that’s about it.

We hadn’t exactly forgotten how hectic our first summer was and we’re definitely slicker at getting the hostel ready than last year but it’s taken a bit of time to readjust!

As much as it’s a surprise to us, it’s more of a shock to many of the people we speak to who are struggling to find accommodation. It seems that the whole of Skye is booked out for the summer, not to mention Fort William, and it’s not uncommon to hear of tourists spending the night in their car. Many of our guests are with us by necessity not choice. We seem to be located in that sweet spot between Skye, Fort William and Loch Ness and, if we have space, we are pleased to be able to offer a bed to weary travellers who have searched high and low for a place to stay. We hope that they enjoy our welcome when they get here.

One group with us for a few days described the hostel as their “Trip HQ” which we think is an excellent way to look at it. Each day they headed out in a different direction to explore the Scottish Highlands.

If you’re thinking of using Saddle Mountain Hostel as your holiday HQ you can read more about the day trips you can do from here on the Places to go section on our website. And when you get here we’re always happy to help you plan your day out. We do advise you to book ahead if you can. We hope that we’re not a well-kept secret for long!


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