Chasing the Vuelta

It’s the last of cycling’s big three Grand Tours, the Vuelta a España and as usual we’ve been following the race on TV. Covering over 3,000km in 21 days that’s a lot of time spent on the sofa cheering on our favourites so to counteract becoming a total couch potato Greg is cycling a virtual race. Every day the professional riders get on their bikes, he is too! After 9 days in the saddle it’s a rest day for all the riders. It’s unlikely that an elite rider’s day off looks much like Greg’s though.

The end of the summer season is almost upon us and it’s been a hectic weekend at the hostel with the August Bank Holiday coming as a last hurrah before most of the holidaymakers head home. This morning, for the first time in ages, all of our guests were checking out. When this happens it’s a busy time for us to make sure the hostel is ship-shape again for the next guests. As well as lots of cleaning there are 22 sets of bed linen to be washed and dried and 22 beds to be made up. Just as well Greg didn’t have to get on his bike as well!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow in the virtual and real Vueltas. There’s lots more racing to be had and we’re looking forward to the climb up the Angliru on the penultimate day of the race. We’ll need to find a suitable challenge for Greg, so long as there’s time to do the cleaning too!

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