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Back at the start of the year we told you about our plans for 2016. We thought you might like to know how we’ve been getting on!

Our main project this year is building a new drying room. We’re delighted that our plans have been given planning permission and we’re on to the next stage, which is to submit a building warrant application. Our architects are working on this at the moment.

We’re also starting to make progress on the garden. The lower part of the garden has been reinstated by the man with the digger. A lot of grass seed will needed but it’s great not looking out at a big trench anymore. We’ve also tidied up the area outside the hostel lounge to create more space for outside seating. The next thing on the list is some tree work, which will give us much more sunlight around the hostel.

Inside the hostel we’ve decorated the dining room and the kitchen. Now we’re onto the entrance to the hostel. If you’re staying with us over the next few weeks you’ll see its transformation from grey to bright red. We’re really pleased with how it looks so far!

We are also excited to launch our new look gallery. Those regular visitors to our website may have already spotted it. But, if not, you’ll find it on our website’s main menu, sandwiched between Explore and Espresso.

There’s a brand new photo gallery of the hostel, allowing you to take a tour before you get here. We’ve also created some other galleries so that you can see what you can do when you get here. Hopefully, you’ll get some ideas for things to do locally, as well as activities and day trips. We’ll be building up our galleries with more photographs over the next few weeks. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

All we need now is for the rush of guests to start arriving as spring approaches. Luckily, the longer days and better weather have already done their job. The hill walkers have reappeared and the bookings are coming in for the summer. We hope that you all enjoy what we have done and tell your friends.

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